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Hey guys it's your girl Tami Latrell and I am so excited about today's workshop with you thank you for tuning in to another edition of my online workshops the writers book today we're just gonna jump right into it now in my last video I talked about how to fill out split sheets and I got so many positive responses from everybody out there oh my god thank you for sending me this thank you for sharing your knowledge with us thank you for putting the Swiss sheet for people to download online because I needed one who couldn't find one thank you for breaking down publishing and splits to me because I never understood it and I couldn't find anybody who could help me so I just want to say thank you guys for hitting me up and letting me know that you are enjoying the content that I'm putting out it's what I do it's what I love so I'm happy that you guys are finding it interesting and that you're using it and making it work for you today I'm actually gonna piggyback off the last week last time and and talk to you guys about a new website that you guys can put in your splits it's called song splits calm okay and so I want to walk you guys through this process because I've already tried it out you know I have to test it out first to make sure it works there's no kinks or anything like that and it was really easy and basically how to manage your splits online so the first thing I want to say is go to song Swisscom and when you go there the cool thing about it is it's Facebook integrated meaning you can actually log in if you're already logged in on Facebook you can log in to song splits calm with your Facebook information and so that makes the process easy now like I said earlier it is in text mode so there is a possibility that you would have to request access if you don't want to log into Facebook but like I said logging into Facebook is the easiest thing that's what I did once I got access very simple and clean we when you are in there the first thing you will see is how many songs you have registered how many songs have splits confirmed and how many songs have splits missing so it's a great way to stay organized so you know which needs to follow up on if you are still missing splits the top right bar there is an contact icon which I thought was super cool because this means you can add contacts and if you log in through Facebook it automatically imports all of your contacts from Facebook into this system now do you mean all that context and Facebook in there probably not but if you are friends with a lot of your songwriters and producers like I am it's actually helpful because it already has their information in the database you can go in and put in you know their total number of first name last name and any other pertinent information that you think is important on the top left side there is a home icon of course you can go back to the home page and then there's a settings page what I like about the settings area is that you can update your preferences...
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